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14.02.2007 | 58th Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, The Pittsburg Conference Exposition of Modern Laboratory Equipment, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA


Please see details at Pittcon®'2007. You are welcome to come and see our latest products and technologies at booth #4520, Lumex International LLC / Ohio Lumex Inc.

We proudly present our lines of products, which include capillary electrophoresis, filter fluorometers and spectrofluorometers, near-IR spectrometers, in-line water hardness analyzers, mercury analyzers and continuous emission monitoring systems. Our new developments include modified capillary electrophoresis system Capel-105M and new Whole Grain FT-NIR analyzer InfraLum FT-40. The areas of applications of Lumex analytical instrumentation are environmental monitoring, water quality control, research and development in industrial and academic laboratories, biotechnology, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industry.