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Fluorat-02-Panorama Spectrofluorometer

Fluorat-02-Panorama Spectrofluorometer

Fluorat-02-Panorama spectrofluorimeter is the most sophisticated instrument among the Fluorat-02 family. It is a research grade instrument intended for analysis of luminescence spectra of liquid and solid samples and chromatographic analysis. A wide range of accessories and attachments are available for analysis of a wide range of liquid and solid samples.

FLUORAT-02-Panorama spectrofluorometer is the most sophisticated instrument in the FLUORAT-02 family. It is intended for scientific research, chromatographic analysis, and can also operate as a part of multimodule automatic measuring facilities. The spectral regions in the excitation and detection channels are set by fast, independently controlled, built-in monochromators, which enables functional programming during the measurement process and allows to synchronously scan the spectra.

A proprietary optical scheme provides a high sensitivity of the instrument, especially in the UV spectral range, where it is difficult to isolate a spectral interval using a light filter. The instrument is controlled with a built-in keypad or an external computer.

Analytical characteristics

FLUORAT-02 Panorama incorporates a Xenon flash lamp as a light source, two monochromators for the luminescence excitation and detection channels, and a PMT as a detector of luminescence. To enhance the measurement accuracy, a correction with respect to the reference and transmission channels are available. The wavelength is set with a keypad or using external software.

principle of operation

Measurement of luminescence and transmittance characteristic including time-resolved ones of the sample while scanning a selected wavelength range as well as an HPLC detector with excitation and emission wavelength adjustment.

features and benefits
  • Monochromators both in excitation and emission channels;
  • Multifunctional operational capabilities;
  • Wide variety of accessories for measurements outside of the cell compartment;
  • Spectrofluorimetric detector for HPLC;
  • Synchronous and 2D (two-dimensional) scanning.
application examples
  • Analysis of fluorescence spectra of liquids and glass;
  • Analysis of absorption spectra of solutions, glass, and surfaces;
  • Investigation of time-resolved fluorescence kinetics;
  • Development of new analytical techniques.
equipment and options
  • FLUORAT-02-Panorama;
  • Kits for analysis;
  • Fiber optics fluorimetric attachment;
  • Fiber optics photometric attachment;
  • Thermostabilied sample compartment;
  • External monochromators.

All Lumex equipment and instruments are covered by a 12-months warranty.


Our service engineers can install LUMEX equipment and instruments at a Customer's site and can provide personnel training specific to the Customer’s needs.

Excitation spectral rang 210-840(1) nm
Transmission spectral range 210-840(1) nm
Luminescent spectral rang 210-690 (840)(1) nm
Spectral resolution < 8 (15)(2) nm
Wavelength accuracy < 3 nm
Signal-to-noise ratio(3) > 100 (200)(4)
Liquid cell volume,
Standard Q10 cuvette
0.01-3 mL
3 mL
Power requirements ~110/220V, 50/60Hz, 60W
Dimensions 400x355x150 mm
Weight 13 kg
(1) Upon customer's request
(2) 8 nm is recommended for spectral applications, and 15 nm is recommended for chromatographic applications
(3) For Raman scattering with the excitation wavelength of 350 nm (400 nm emission) and the response time of 2 sec.
(4) Signal-to-noise ratio is 100 for instruments with a 8 nm resolution and 200 for instruments with a 15 nm resolution