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21.11.2012 | Vinitech


VINITECH - The International Trade Show for the Wine, Fruit and Vegetable Production - will be held this year in Bordeaux, France on 27th - 29th of November. Our authorized dealer in France, company ISITEC-LAB will present there our Capillary Electrophoresis System Capel-105M and a number of protocols in oenology (determination of organic acids, biogenic amines, lysozyme, etc.), developed and realized on this instrument and stated in OIV recommendations. ISITEC-LAB will exhibit in Hall1, Stand 3201. For more details, please visit

Apart from the applications for oenology, Capel-105M also allows determination other substances/components in beverages:

  • Anions and cations,
  • Sugars (fructose, glucose, sucrose)
  • Synthetic dyes,
  • Caffeine, ascorbic acid, preservatives
  • Carbendazim in orange and other citrus juice produce, Hesperidin and naringin in juices.