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18.08.2022 | Lumex Instruments as a gold sponsor of ICMGP 2022

August, 2022. Lumex Instruments took part in the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP 2022) which was held online on July 24 -29.

As a gold sponsor, we presented instruments and solutions for mercury analysis at the virtual stand: the unique all-purpose RA-915M, the fully-automated direct laboratory analyzer RA-915Lab, and RA-915AM monitor. All of them are capable of performing direct mercury measurements in an ultra-wide range of solid, liquid, and gas samples of any composition.

This year’s conference was themed “Reducing Mercury Emissions to achieve a Greener World”. Many of speakers used Lumex Instruments mercury analyzers and monitors to obtain results in their studies. For example, a young scientist from University of Basel conducted research on the exchange of mercury between the surface and the atmosphere using RA-915AM and became the winner of the “Emerging Researchers Award”. Lumex Instruments modified the air monitor for this study to achieve high-speed data reading: 16 times per second.

ICMGP aims to bring together industry, academia, government, research institutions to talk about the mercury pollution and its impact on ecosystems and humans. The discussion of mercury issues at the ICMGP conferences contributed to the creation of Minamata Convention and its ratification. The conference showcases new equipment to measure Hg in various environmental samples, and technology to reduce emissions and exposure. For the first time, Lumex Instruments presented a study and the fist company’s mercury analyzer RA-915+ at the 5th ICMGP in 1996 in Rio de Janeiro.