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12.07.2019 | Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer by Lumex Instruments can determine both trace elements and major components in water samples


July 2019 – Mission, Canada. Lumex Instruments has developed a solution to measure both trace elements and macroelements in water samples using a single instrument – graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer (GFAAS) MGA-1000.

Before, to measure macroelements, labs had to use flame atomic absorption spectrometer (FAAS) as GFAAS is generally too sensitive for concentrations of macro components that are usually present in water samples. At the same time, GFAAS is better for determination of heavy metals like Sb, As, Bi, Cd, Se, and other elements. Another solution is to use combined systems, but they also have drawbacks.

With the new development, there is no need to combine GFAAS and FAAS to solve two tasks. Measurement of Na, K, Ca, and Mg from sub-ppb to hundreds of ppm levels has become possible due to technologies implemented in MGA-1000: gas-phase dynamic dilution system and precise graphite furnace temperature management. Therefore, there will be no more timeloss for the process of switching from GF to flame since everything is done with MGA-1000.

In addition, the new solution ensures fire safety at the laboratory since no flammable gas is needed: argon is the only pressurized gas that is used.

MGA-1000 and the Lumex Instruments analysis techniques enable measurement of elements concentration in a variety of water samples, including natural water, tap water, drinking (incl. bottled) water, wastewater, mineral water, etc. The instrument and provided analytical protocols comply with international regulations for water analysis by GFAAS and are perfect for environment monitoring, food testing, wastewater management, and pharma applications.

Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer (GFAAS) MGA-1000