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15.01.2019 | Mercury monitor RA-915AM with a new multiplexer for the mercury solidification plant in Almadén, Spain


January, 2019 - Almadén, Spain. Lumex Instruments’ mercury monitor RA-915AM with the new eight sampling line multiplexer was installed at the Hg treatment plant of Minas de Almadén y Arrayanes, S.A.,S.M.E (MAYASA).

MAYASA, through the Mercury Technological Centre, has developed a technique of stabilization and solidification of mercury and mercury wastes. In this procedure, with the title: METHOD OF STABILIZATION OF LIQUID MERCURY THROUGH SULFUR POLYMERIC CEMENT, VIA MERCURY SULFIDE, metallic mercury is transformed into mercury sulfide (HgS) and introduced into a polymeric sulfur matrix, obtaining a less dangerous (less leachable) final product stable in the short, medium, and long term, and therefore, providing advantages for safe and permanent storage of metallic mercury.

Eight sampling line multiplexer

The RA-915AM monitor with the 8-line multiplexer will be used to control process gases to avoid mercury emissions into the atmosphere during plant operation.

The new compact multiplexer is optional to the ultra-sensitive and highly selective RA-915AM ambient air and process mercury monitor. It allows automatic determination of Hg concentrations from different sampling points, increasing the reliability of the system and reducing the customer’s expenses. In combination with very low running costs (no carrier gases or automatic calibrator are needed), the monitor is an attractive solution for companies involved in production and storage of mercury, mercury waste management, soil remediation, gold refining, chemical production using mercury as a catalyst, and many others.

The optional multiplexer enables sampling of the air from 2 to 16 points with the length of the sampling line up to 150 m. All the lines are connected to the monitor in sequence and measurement of each sample takes two to five minutes.

MAYASA created the Mercury Technological Center (MTC) in 2011 and through this center are conducting research that can offer scientific and technological support to companies or agencies that require the attenuation or elimination of the risks associated with the presence of mercury in products, emissions, and waste.

The new plant is located in the Almadén region where mercury was mined for centuries. After the closure of the mine, Almadén was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.