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12.02.2018 | Fertico controls quality of fertilizers using capillary electrophoresis system CAPEL-105M

quality control of fertilizers

February, 2018 – Niš, Serbia. Lumex Instruments has supplied capillary electrophoresis system CAPEL-105M for fertilizer producer Fertico.

Fertico, a Serbian extensively developing producer of fertilizers, had the task to strengthen process control at all stages of production. Lumex Instruments specialists, relying on their long-term cooperation experience with the organizations from the agriculture industry, came up with the method of capillary electrophoresis to analyze Fertico samples.

Using the CAPEL system, the specialists of Fertico successfully carry out the determination of such quality parameters of fertilizer as ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N), nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N), phosphorus (P or P2O5), potassium (K or K2O) and amino acids in organomineral and mineral fertilizers. Fertico has opted for the Lumex Instruments solution, which allows the company to control both raw materials and the final products. The ability to work with several analysis protocols and quickly switch between them is one of the important features of the installed system.

Capillary electrophoresis system CAPEL is a cost-effective and convenient tool for solving a wide range of customer’s analytical tasks. Complete control of the instrument, data collection and processing is carried out by the powerful software package "Elforan". Extremely low reagents consumption (at microliter level) and a capillary designed for long service life, the absence of expensive columns with sorbents and problems with their aging and replacement, and as a consequence low cost of analysis, as well as high analysis speed, are the distinctive features of the CAPEL system.