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02.02.2018 | Visit us at Pittcon 2018


Date: February 26 – March 1 | Place: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Fl | Booth 1301

Pittcon 2018

Lumex Instruments invite you to join us at Pittcon 2018, one of the world's largest expo and conference on laboratory science.

Visit our booth 1301 and discover the wide range of analytical instruments. We will be thrilled to demonstrate you our mercury analyzer RA-915M with the autosampler and pyrolizer Pyro-915+, capillary electrophoresis (CE) system Capel-205, atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer MGA-1000, PCR analyzer AriaDNA. All the instruments have their distinctive features and advantages:

  • RA-915M with Zeeman background correction and a two-chamber catalyst atomizer PYRO-915+ allow direct analysis of complex-matrix samples at the ppb level
  • CE system Capel-205 with unique high capacity autosampler for sealed vials with automatic opening provides fast analysis with low reagent consumption and high efficiency of mixture components separation
  • Graphite furnace AA spectrometer MGA-1000 has the unique High Frequency Zeeman background correction system. This noiseless and compact spectrometer is an excellent solution for trace element analysis in various fields, and with high intensity electrodeless discharge lamps (EDL) it ensures even lower detection limit
  • Microchip-based PCR analyzer AriaDNA minimizes analysis time (20 min), detection limits (1–5 DNA/RNA copies per microreactor), sample and reagent consumption, and contamination. Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids in various samples can be done simultaneously in 20–48 microreactors.

Lumex instruments experts look forward to seeing you all the days of the expo and helping to choose the best solution for your tasks.

Pittcon 2018 floor plan