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27.10.2017 | Seminar on Capillary Electrophoresis for the determination of inorganic cations and anions in Thailand demonstrates the benefits of CE method


In the beginning of October, Lumex Instruments held the hands-on training on Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) in Thailand for our users and potential clients. This event was organized together with our distributor CE Combination and involved presentation of CE method and demonstration of Lumex Instruments CE system Capel-205.

After the theoretical introduction, our chemical engineer performed measurements of the mass concentration of inorganic anions and cations in water using Capel-205. The users provided the samples for analysis themselves. To check the accuracy of the results, the same samples were analyzed by ion chromatography (IC). The two analytical methods gave comparable results demonstrating good reproducibility and correctness.

During the demonstration, the seminar participants were amazed by the advantages of CE method compared with conventional IC technique:

  • Low reagents consumption (less than 10 ml per day)
  • No expensive columns with sorbents and problems with their aging and replacement
  • Simple sample preparation - basically only filtration, degassing and dilution
  • Fast and low-cost analysis
  • High efficiency of mixture components separation

The highlight of the demonstration was the anions determination in an unknown sample.  The results obtained were later confirmed at the user laboratory and it appeared to be quite impressive for the participants. Besides the cation and anion determination in water, Lumex Instruments provide various CE methods for the food industry and agriculture, environment control and pharmaceuticals, such as determination of organic acids in drinks, fructose, glucose and saccharose in beverages, amino acids in feeds, protein concentrations and many others.

To learn more about CE method possibilities, you can see our webinars on YouTube.