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Petroleum hydrocarbons analyzer AE-2 price

Petroleum hydrocarbons analyzer AE-2

Petroleum hydrocarbons analyzer AE-2 is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of content of petroleum hydrocarbons in potable, natural, and waste water.

Petroleum hydrocarbons analyzer AE-2 is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of content of petroleum hydrocarbons in potable, natural, and waste water. The instrument comprises a sample preparation unit and a fluorescence detector. The sample preparation unit provides metered water feed and switching of the water and reagent flows, control of temperature, mixing and mass-exchange processes. The detector (or optical cell) performs the detection of fluorescence of petroleum hydrocarbons extracted by hexane from the sample using a patented chromato membrane technology.

The analyzer is installed stationary and is controlled using a built-in microprocessor or an external PC. In a stand-alone operating mode, the selected reaction sequence can be assigned from a built-in keyboard. A firmware allows assigning any sequence of operation of system components and altering the flow rates from 0.02 to 20 ml/min. The instruments are equipped with a 4-20-mA current loop and RS485 computer interface for customized report output and remote computer control. Concentration measurement results, up to 1000 values, are stored in a built-in memory and are displayed, in milligrams per liter, on a built-in digital LC display. If concentration of petroleum hydrocarbons exceeds a threshold level, the alarm mode is activated and a relay may be triggered following a command from the analyzer.

Typical measurement cycle duration is 5 - 15 min (depending on concentration of the analyzed sample)

principle of operation

Is based on the measurement of fluorescence intensity that is  proportional to the concentration  of the TPH.

features and benefits
  • Continuous on-line monitoring;
  • Digital data processing;
  • High measuring rate;
  • Low interference from suspended particles;
  • Automatic cleaning of the hydraulic system of the analyzer in case of contamination;
  • Programmable sample intake rate.
application examples

Environmental monitoring:

  • Manufacturing waste water monitoring;
  • Drain water monitoring at thermal and nuclear power plants;
  • Monitoring reservoirs with potential sources of pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons;
  • Water monitoring in the harbour.

Process monitoring

  • Quality control of water in technological circuits of thermal and nuclear power plants;
  • Monitoring of the leakage of oils/lubrication materials;
  • Monitoring of water-preparation facilities;
  • Quality control of feed water for heating mains.
equipment and options
  • Petroleum hydrocarbons analyzer AE-2;
  • Kit of spare parts and accessories with a flow cell;
  • Set of reagents for preparation of standard solutions;
  • Set of standard samples (solutions of petroleum hydrocarbons in hexane);
  • Hydroseal (for analysis of water under overpressure);
  • Flow switching device and valves (for several sampling points).

All of the Lumex equipment is covered by a 12-months warranty.


On customer’s request our service engineers can carry out installation and commissioning of the Lumex instruments at customer’s site. Consultations and initial training of attendance personnel are provided with due account of customer’s specific needs. Spare parts are delivered and repair is made immediately upon customer’s request (free within the warranty period).

Measurement range 0.025 ÷ 20 mg/l
Measurements per hour 3
Sample temperature 4 ÷ 50 °С
Sample pressure 0.1 ÷ 10 bar
Data output RS-485
Current loop 4–20 mA
Signal status outputs “Alarm”, “Operation”, User-defined
Power supply 180-240 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption Up to 100 VA
Ambient conditions Temperature: +5 to +50 ºC
Humidity: up to 80%
Dimensions 600x600x250 mm
Weight 50 kg