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Oil slicks optical detector CRAB price

Oil slicks optical detector CRAB

Oil slicks optical detector Lumex Instruments 77
Oil slicks detector CRAB - by
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CRAB - optical sensor of the water surface oil slicks

CRAB is an easy-to-operate, active oil slicks optical detector.

The instrument detects the presence of oil films on the water surface using optical sensing with a vertical laser beam and measuring the differences in the reflection properties of water and oil products.

CRAB sensor detects any type of oil regardless of its nature, physical characteristics, and chemical content.


Remote optical sensing of water surface with vertical laser beam.


Based on the difference in light reflection from water and oil film surface.

features and benefits
  • Continuous remote optical sensing, no sampling
  • High sensitivity: detection of oil slicks with thickness down to 0.5 micron
  • Sensitive to oils of any nature (mineral, synthetic, or vegetable)
  • No interference from scattered radiation
  • Low interference from ripples and waves (beam/surface angle up to ±20°)
  • Waterproof housing for outdoor installation
  • Optional heating of the sensor is available upon request
  • Mounting at stationary points, buoys, motor boats
  • Accuracy of detection irrespective of mounting height
  • Long-term operation without maintenance
  • Monitoring of water surfaces (sea, harbors, lakes, rivers)
  • Oil leakage detection
  • Monitoring of process and waste waters
equipment and options
  • Oil slicks optical detector CRAB
  • Power supply unit for AC 100–240 V power mains (optional)

CRAB optical detectors are covered by a full 1-year warranty.


Installation and commissioning of Lumex Instruments’ CRAB detectors can be carried out at a customer site by our service engineers or by certified distributor service engineers.

Detecting object Oil slick on water surface
Min detectable oil film thickness 0.5 μm
Waviness of water surface (RMS wave slope) up to 20 °
Mode of measurement Continuous
Response time not more than 10 s
Communication ports RS-485
Current loop 4–20 mA
Data transfer protocols Modbus RTU
Analogue 4–20 mA
Power supply 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
12 VDC
Power supply cable length: up to 200 m
(100 m in case of heated sensor option)
Power consumption up to 15 W
Ambient conditions Temperature: -10 to +50 ºC
-20 to +50 ºC (optional)
Humidity: up to 100% (rain)
Distance to the water surface 0.5–10 m
Dimensions not more than 200x300x146 mm
Weight up to 3.5 kg