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Mercury Analyzers

Mercury Analyzer RA-915M price


Mercury Analyzer is a portable multifunctional atomic absorption spectrometer with Zeeman background correction, which eliminates the effect of interfering impurities. It is the only high sensitivity and selectivity instrument that does not require gold amalgam pre-concentration and subsequent regeneration steps. This enables the user to conduct real time air monitoring and detection of mercury vapor. Being combined with pyrolysis or cold vapour attachments for liquid and solid sample testing, the instrument can determine mercury content in water, soil, food products, natural and stack gases, may be used for dental and toxicological applications, etc.

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Versatile Zeeman mercury analyzer RA-915M with pyrolyzer PYRO-915+ price

RA-915M / PYRO-915+

Use of RA-915M spectrometer with background correction and a two-chamber atomizer PYRO-915+ allows direct analysis of solid and liquid complex-matrix samples (oil, condensate, coal, foodstuff, etc.)

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Zeeman mercury analyzer RA-915F price


Atomic absorption spectrometry at 254 nm with Zeeman correction for background absorption for interference-free measurement.

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Liquid Mercury Analyzer RA-915M/RP92 price

RA-915M / RP-92

RA-915M mercury analyzer with RP-92 attachment is used for determination of mercury concentration in liquid samples (water, blood, urine). RP-92 attachment is intended to transfer bound Hg from ion to atomic form using “cold vapor” technique.

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Direct thermal decomposition laboratory mercury analyzer RA-915 Lab price

RA-915 Lab

RA-915 Lab is the new direct fully automated laboratory mercury analyzer with 45 position autosampler. It provides accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurements in the broadest range of applications areas. The instrument analyzes solid, semisolid, and liquid samples with no pretreatment, reagents and almost no wastes.
RA-915 Lab can be supplied without autosampler.

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Compact Mercury Analyzer Light-915 price


Light-915 Mercury Analyzer is a compact instrument designed to address the problems of mercury pollution in a workplace environment and sanitary control.

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Portable Zeeman mercury in air analyzer Light-915M2 price


Light-915M2 is a compact, portable mercury analyzer designed for convenient direct Hg measurement in air. High accuracy and real-time operation along with small size and weight make it an excellent device for field work.

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Mercury Monitoring Toolkit price

Mercury Monitoring Toolkit

Mercury Monitoring Toolkit is designed for efficient and cost-effective on-site determination of total and speciated mercury emissions in accordance with the US EPA’s method 30B. The method has been widely used in power generation industry, cement production industry, metallurgy, waste inciniration, etc.

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