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08.02.2017 | Why it's so important to know the amino acid composition of fodders?

The quality of food that is consumed by the population, in particular depends on the formulation of animal fodders that are consumed by livestock during it’s lifetime. For rapid and harmonious growth of cells body it has to synthesize sufficient amount of protein not only as a building material of muscles, bones, and internal organs, but also as a major constituent enzymes – catalysts of chemical reactions. Development of compositions of feeding, that allow the best use of the amino acids found in fodders is current challenge of agriculture.

For efficient synthesis of protein the animal should receive a sufficient number of technologically important and essential amino acids in the diet.

While formulating each of fodder must be calculated balance of nutritional value, based on which conclusions drawn about the productivity use of protein of feed. On the one hand, the lack of some amino acid interferes with protein synthesis and suppresses growth and productivity of animals. At the same time, an excess of nitrogen in the diet leads to additional energy costs and increases burden on the kidneys and the body as a whole.

Quantitative determination of the actual, rather than the estimated content of amino acids can be carried out using a capillary electrophoresis method. To solve problems of analytical control in fodder production the company "Lumex Instruments" offers device "CAPEL-105M" as a system of capillary electrophoresis with UV-detector, autosampler and automatic electronic polarity switch controlling by the PC, and application notes, including national, interstate and international standards.