Dr. Maxim Slyadnev

Live Webinar: Nucleic acid detection and identification with microchip-based real-time PCR

Date: April 18, 2018 | Time: 11 a.m. PST (6 p.m. UTC) | Duration: 1 hour


The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a well-known technique that have been adopted for detection of many bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids due to high specificity and sensitivity.

However, most of the currently used PCR analysis techniques for multiple pathogen detection are very time consuming, require tedious reaction setup in strictly controlled laboratory conditions and prone to user errors.

In this upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate an innovative approach to PCR analysis: rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids in various samples with the real-time microchip-based PCR.

The real-time PCR in miniaturized volumes can be used for R&D, clinical and laboratory services for medical, veterinary and phytopathogen diagnostics; quality control services for food manufacturing, customs control and biological safety.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What makes it possible to reduce analysis time to just 20 minutes (45 cycles);
  • How the instrument can work with less than 1μl of the PCR reagents;
  • What the instrument uses to minimize the risk of contamination and the user error;
  • What do you need for the analysis: the instrument works with ready-to use microchips, the third party PCR kits or your own developed PCR reagents.


Dr. Maxim Slyadnev

Dr. Maxim Slyadnev

Head of Biochemical Department at Lumex Instruments

Maxim Slyadnev obtained PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry at St. Petersburg State University, Russia, and has more than 60 science article and abstracts. Dr. Slyadnev started his research on real-time PCR reaction on a chip and lab-on-a-chip applications for analytical chemistry in Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology, Japan, and continued studying chemical microchip devices in analytical chemistry as the senior research scientist at Chemistry Research Institute of St. Petersburg State University.

Dr. Maxim Slyadnev has been working at Lumex Instruments since 2002. Now he is responsible for R&D and manufacturing of microchip-based PCR analyzer AriaDNA and microchip kits.