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17.04.2017 | Lumex Instruments discussed the mercury pollution problems in Vietnam


Specialists of Lumex Instruments took part in seminar dedicated to the control of environmental pollution by mercury. This event was held on 3rd of April in Vietnam, that had signed the Minamata Convention in 2013. It took place in Center for Environmental Monitoring by the initiative of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

There our company presented the line of mercury analyzers and monitors as well as developed solutions. The examples are background monitoring of atmospheric mercury using monitor RA-915AM, mapping of contaminated areas and sources of mercury emissions by survey with mercury analyzer RA-915M, express analysis of samples using RA-915M with with pyrolyzer PYRO-915+, determination of the mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants using US-EPA Method 30B.

Method 30B Minamata Convention