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Identification of rubber


Rubber is a material that is widely used in all kinds of human activity. Rubber properties are modified by addition of chemical substances and ingredients causing physical and chemical modifications. The ingredients modify rubber hardness, durability and impact st rength; increase its resistance to wearing, oils, oxygen, solvents, heat, and cracking, which makes rubber more suitable for the use in various application areas.

The infrared spectroscopy methods provide identificat ion of rubber and other pol ymers and their mixtures basing on examination of spectra of the polymers and t heir pyrolysis products and films cast from solutions, as every type of rubber has it s unique spectral properties. The obtained spectral data may be used for a variety of applications, including identifying unlabeled material, process control, raw material acceptance, etc.


In accordance with the method procedure, the sample is prepared from an extracted and dried rubber either as a pyrolysis product or a film deposited from solution by evaporation. The sample deposited on a salt substrate is placed in to a cell, and then infrared spectrum is recorded at wavelengths from 2.5 to 15 μ m (4000–667 cm -1 ) at 4 cm -1 resolution and scanning time of 60 s.

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